Friday, 3 May 2013

Under the Bridge

This takes in as much singletrack as possible without heading in to QECP, there will be endless variations on this route such as stretching it out to Compton. Park in the back car park at the Country park just south of Buriton.

Leave the car park and head EAST on the SDW as you reach the top of the first road climb look for 'V' gate on your RIGHT.

Head through the gate and climb up the path until it opens up on a fire road at the top of the climb in Head Down Plantation.

Look in the forest on your right to pick up the new Enduro trail, this trail runs parallel to the main fire road and will take you to the bottom of the hill heading SOUTH.

At the bottom take the LEFT track follow it round and go UNDER THE BRIDGE*, keep on the track by keeping to the left. Climb through the copse and pick up the SDW again at Coulters Dean Farm.

*When we did the ride last night the gates were closed under the bridge, if so just stay on the bridle way (marked orange) next to the train track all the way back to the SDW, then head RIGHT and pick up the ride.

Follow SDW EAST, once you cross the road (Sussex Boarder Path) to Forty Acre Lane, as lane climbs and curves to the left look for footpath on your RIGHT opposite the open sided barn. Take foot path.

The foot path is called 'Garlic Alley' by local riders due to the wild garlic that grows there. The singletrack twists and turns with some off-camber roots... until it opens up at its natural end.

galic alley from DanJones34 on Vimeo.

Take the field on your RIGHT, ride around the edge until you enter the woods on a defined path, take the left fork. Climb, keep left and pass through the gate on to the major fire road.

Turn right on to the fire road and climb, look for the major fire road on your LEFT, this is back on the Sussex Boarder Path. Follow SBP until you find the start of the singletrack at the junction where the main path turns right.

Keep on the SBP, follow the singletrack to the bottom, there are a few natural jumps at the top, lots of roots and be aware for fallen branches and trees.

sussex boarder path from DanJones34 on Vimeo.

At the bottom turn right on the fire road at the end of the wooded area turn LEFT for the very steep climb up to Ditcham Park School. I have never known anybody to make this climb, if you do you are a HERO!

Keep left and follow the path to the road, at the road turn RIGHT.

Follow the road, look for path at the end of the field on your LEFT. Take path (lots of roots!), at the end of the path turn RIGHT. Follow track and take the first LEFT, at cross roads go straight over.

Your now on the long decent back down to Coulters Dean Farm, there is a gate halfway down the hill so send someone down first to open and close the gate for the rest of the group.

coulters dean from DanJones34 on Vimeo.

Turn LEFT back on to the SDW and follow all the way back to the car park.


Pub wise you can head back in to Buriton or drive to the Red Lion in Charlton, the choice is yours!

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