Friday, 2 August 2013

Warnford loop to the SDW

Starting at the George and Falcon pub and Warnford, you can park here if you are eating or drinking or park on the side road (first left after the pub) on the grass verge.

Take the side road next to the pub (small stream on left) ride to the end turn RIGHT.

Ride past houses look for byway on your left at the edge of a field (field on your right).

Take the byway and head up steep climb, follow track until T junction. This track can get very, very muddy and only clears in patches on very dry weather. At T junction turn LEFT and follow to the road.

At road turn LEFT, look for RIGHT turn on to track, turn RIGHT.

Follow track until it turns in to a tarmac road keep RIGHT.

Follow road until T junction, turn Right, climb to Hinton Ampner, follow road down to A272 and cross. Be careful this is a fast road.

Follow track until the first cross roads, turn LEFT. Follow track until road, turn RIGHT.
Head through Cheriton village, stay on main road.

Turn LEFT by Cheriton Mill, follow road to Grange Farm, turn LEFT.

Follow track all the way to the barn on the South Downs Way.At Barn turn LEFT.

Ride down to gate, go through and ride up to gate, go through, cross field to gate on the far side, go through.
Ride down to A272, cross road (again very busy road, be careful) follow SDW through Holden Farm, follow SDW.

When SDW track runs out climb road to T junction turn RIGHT past the Millburys pub turn LEFT.

Follow road and turn RIGHT at Wind Farm, follow SDW past Lomer Farm all the way to the gate, go through and follow road until the 90 degree corner, turn LEFT through gate in to the nature reserve.

Strava section alert*, follow path until gate, go through.

Follow track (often over grown) until gate, go through.

Follow edge of the field, go through the gate (gate not there) on your RIGHT, turn left (DOWN) on to gravel track.

Follow down until the road, turn RIGHT.

Follow road back to the A32, turn LEFT back to the pub.

*we are in no way indorsing over stretching yourself to set a fast time… ahem…

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