Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Denmead to Old Winchester Hill loop

Denmead to Old Winchester Hill loop: ride time around 2 1/2 to 3hrs depending on conditions/ fitness.
Start in Denmead village in the Kidmore lane car park opposite the Lucky Star Chinese takaway. Head north in to Kidmore lane and take the first right in to Tanners Lane.
Follow Tanners which will lead in to White Horse Lane (do not turn off main lane), follow until cross roads.
At the cross roads head in to the Bridleway directly in front, this is a gentle climb over Sawyer’s Hill with a little cheeky decent that can be taken flat out. At the bottom there is a cross road with Harrrowgate lane.
Head up Horsepost Lane directly in front of you. At first junction keep right. Second junction keep left. Left at Glidden Farm, follow road until fork, take the left fork.
At the cross roads at the bottom of the hill turn left (you can go straight on up the road, but that’s dull!) and take the bridle way on your right at the end of the hedge – follow across field until you end up back at the road.
Turn left, short road climb, turn right on to bridleway past Beckless Farm. Follow bridleway down to the T junction, turn right. Follow road turn left at T junction,  follow road turn right on to track at the corner.
Follow climb all the way to the road, turn right, short rise to the main road (if you can call it that...), turn left. Ride to the road to the nature reserve, cut in at the first signed gate for ‘Old Winchester Hill’.
Take South Downs Way to your left, follow track all the way to the view point. Now here is the tricky part, ‘officially’ just follow the SDW, ‘unofficially’ take the foot path... Beware I wouldn't recommend doing this if it looks busy with walkers as you are going to get moaned at...

 By taking the footpath directly over it links in to a short DH on the over side leading to a gate. On the other side of the gate keep bombing down until you pick the sign for the SDW on your LEFT.

Take SDW, follow it all the way down to the old train track – this run down is really good fun, enjoy!
On the old Alton to Wickham train track head SOUTH...

Follow the old track for 7kms to 100 Acres Forest. You enter to your left just before the road bridge.
Head in a south-east direction until you get the car park and the road. Don’t worry too much here all tracks lead up...
At the road turn left then look for the car park entrance on the right hand side of the road. Ride in and keep going straight and you will hook up on a bath that leads down to a brook.
Turn right at the brook (don’t cross the bridge) and follow the winding brook until the path naturally crosses it, keep on this path, climb until in opens up at a cross roads.
Head straight across, climb until T junction, turn right, and climb to the main visitor’s car park at ‘West walk’. Ride out of the car park and look for the gate across the road to your left, go through the gate.
This side is sandy so can be hard work when its very dry. Follow path down, watch out for the sharp left at the bottom of the hill.
Follow track up to T junction, turn right, follow and take the next right, follow until gate and road, turn right on to road.
Follow road until the social club on your left, take foot path immediately before it. Ride down the field to the gate and enter the Goathouse Copse.
Follow track until T junction. There is a muddy section here with a plank walkway, see how far you can get riding on it...!
At junction turn left follow it all the way until the road at ‘Shoothill Lodge. Head down past the Horse and Jockey pub, turn right at the Chairmakers and turn right again.
Turn left in to Creech Woods at the gate, take either track heading east all the way to ‘Bunkers hill’.
At road turn left down to the roundabout, straight over and head towards the village centre, at T junction turn left, past the Co-op to the car park.

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