Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Kingley Vale Loop

In my opinion this is probably the best ride in the area. It has a good mix of climbing, descents and technical riding to keep things interesting – a good level of fitness + skill is needed.
Park in the lay-by on the B2146 / Walderton turning or if you are planning of a pub visit you can use the car park at the Barley Mo.
Head though the village and take the first bridle bath on the right.
Ride up the bridle path until you see a fence directly in front of you, ride through the gap on the left hand side and head left up the climb.
As the climb levels look for the path on the right, take it and ride up to the ruin and turn left.
Follow the climb all the way to the top, there will be a little down (field on left) and the path follows the field around the end, little climb first right.
Follow the track straight on to the humps. It’s worth riding up on top of the humps as the views on a nice day are spectacular with views across Chichester harbour.

 Keep on the main path until you come to a cross roads, turn left, small rise then a flat out descent down to the main path.
You will now be at a quite big cross roads (long Barrows on the map), take the western path at the edge of the field, but look directly right for the start of ‘Spruce’s singletrack’.

Follow Sprucey’s until it runs out, turn left and follow singletrack.
This joins up with a purpose built DH track built superbly by a local called 'Spud', everything is ride-able, however the faster you go the higher the likelihood of your wheels leaving the ground! Enjoy...


At the bottom there is a Y fork, take the left ‘Y’ then look for the track on your left and take it.
This track has a couple of climbs and cross roads but  you need to push on until you reach the T junction.
Turn left down the hill all the way to the gate/ road.
Turn right follow the road and pick up the diagonal track on your left – granny ring time..
At the top of the very steep climb it will open up into a field, take the track in the corner in front of you.
Follow over the shallow rise, across the ‘top track’ cross roads and take the singletrack on your right.
Follow the singletrack for about 5 mins and turn right to cut back to the top tack – the singletrack runs parrelel.
Heading back to the top track turn left and follow, there will be a fence/ tree obsticle, just ride round it and keep streight on.
Look for the singletrack on right, take it. This opens up to a field, just push on and tank it. At the end of the field just wiggle round the hedge over to the next field – keep streight.
At the end of the field go through the hedge, cross road and through the hedge on the other side – keep streight.
Halfway through this field there will be a gap between this field and the field on your right – switch to the field on the right.
Follow the field and pick the foot path up behind the houses, take alleyway to the road and turn left.
Follow down to the main road and turn right, past the pub back to the car.
Pub Stop: The Barley Mo is a traditional English country pub with great beer and food. The home made beef burger is a must!


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