Tuesday, 19 February 2013

QECP - back of, quick loop

This is a nice quick loop starting from the back of QECP but it’s easy to add sections on to extend it. It also takes in one of the longest descents in the area.
Park at the back car park as it’s free!
Head east along the road on the South Downs Way, its just a short climb up the road look for the gate on your right at the crest of the road climb.
Enter through the gate a climb up in to Head Down Plantation.
Keep heading south along the fire road – this is just crying out for some singletrack... one day...**
At the end of the fire road cross in to the field directly in front, keep going until you meet the road.

Turn left on to road and ride about 100m, past the Armco and look for the bridleway on your right.Take bridleway climb and keep climbing until you re-meet the road at Charlton, turn right on to road.
Turn right on the Staunton Way.
Climb all the way to the sty at the forest – back to QECP!
Cross the sty, head right and follow path around.Keep on this top path (don’t lose height) and keep going straight until you meet the MTB course. There are now various options for you...
In this ride we turn left on to the start of the final section, short climb to the final downhill.
Take the downhill all the way to the new switch back section, which was completely built by volunteers*

At the bottom take the main track east, short climb then back down to the car park.

*Get involved, check out there facebook page here 
** 16/10/2015 head down was re-devolved in to an enduro hot spot back in 2012/13 for the QECP Enduro, so you can now follow some awesome singletrack down to the bottom.

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