Tuesday, 19 February 2013

"Upham Epic", a old school XC loop

Upham Epic (and short Upham) are rides we did when we did a lot company rides. Its about 20 miles round and should take about 2 - 2.5hrs. Its a bit of an old school XC type of ride, but we still like to do it at least once a year. - images to be added...

Park by Upham duck pond, there is plenty of space.
Head out on the road with the farm on your right, head down the hill to Bigpath Farm. Look for the track on your right that runs just left of a barn.
Head up the path, stay on track. Steep climb up pig shit hill, keep on path to the end.
At three way road junction turn left, look for path on right.
Follow path downhill to road, turn left downhill to T junction, and turn left.
As road turns left take gravel track on right, as you get near a house keep left. Follow copse until end, cross filed on path; enter small copse follow to the end gate at the road.
Turn right, climb hill, small descent on road turn left at bottom at St Clairs Farm.
Road climb all the way to the top of Beacon Hill, at junction turn left follow rd around the corner to pick up the South Downs Way.
Follow SDW all the way to Wind Farm and back on the road. Turn left keep on SDW.
At the Millburys PH turn right then left follow SDW. Downhill on the road, then on to the dirt track, follow SDW.
Past Holden Farm, cross A272, be careful.

Follow SDW/ Kings Way to Keepers cottage, (it’s a farm and it usually smells a bit…), turn left (still SDW, climb. When path ends at gate, go through and climb to Cheesefott Head.
Turn left on to A272, at corner turn left on to Kings Way (Warren Lane). Head down, when path turns left, ignore it and keep going straight on to gate, go through.
Look for track on the right side of the path that goes straight ahead, take it. Fats track, be careful of roots. At bottom, keep going straight, climb to road.
Cross road, climb. At top keep straight, edge of field. Fast downhill, carful for 90 degree corner at bottom. Follow to road.
Cross road in to trench, follow, keep straight all the way to the road. Turn right.
Follow road, turn left. Take second dirt track on the right.
Climb to shoulder, turn right, climb and take the first left.
Follow track until it runs out and heads back to the road.
Turn left and head back to the car.
Pub Check: Brush Makers Arms, Upham. Great food, gest busy, and has visits from Morris dancers…

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